Common Thread develops leaders in Asia to

At Common Thread, we specialize in helping leaders in Asia align individual and organizational capabilities to strategic imperatives. We work with leaders, their teams and their organizations at global, regional and country levels. Our own partnerships model how to bridge cross-functional as well as cross-regional interests. We know how to navigate diverse cultures, to recognize and honor different perspectives and expectations in order to bring capabilities together to achieve a shared purpose.

We see the gamechangers as leaders who engage and align through collaborative culture. We believe in leveraging different perspectives to clarify and define contributions, identify the required roles and create the agile processes needed to achieve aspirations.


As coaches, we have a range of experience, training and cultural experience.  Common Thread finds the best fit for each individual client, subject, location and context.  We have expertise helping executives at the start of new positions, with personal transformation, and with helping them as leaders get established in their role and bring the whole organization with them.  This is the space where coaching and consulting overlap.

We have coaches that work 1:1  and who have the systems awareness to take the needs of the whole organization into account.

The Organizational Workshop

We assist organizations to acquiring a systems view of their organization through the seminal work of Barry Oshry in the form of the Organizational Workshop.  This workshop has been used by global multinational, fast-moving consumer goods companies, INGO’s, government and international cooperation organizations around the world to cultivate accountability, develop empathy and create system awareness.

Image:  Sculpture of Philippine National Artist Impy Pilapil

Feeling Your Way:  Somatic Intelligence

Sometimes the quickest route to insight comes through the body; some times it’s through the mind.  The most powerful way to be as a leader is integrated in body and mind.  We work with individual leaders and their teams to raise awareness of how they embody their leadership.

Constellation work

Systems Constellations is a method ideally suited to explore business issues and organizational dynamics from a strategic point of view. It is particularly helpful in situations that are ambiguous and complex. They are visual and experiential; giving us a refreshingly different access to the patterns and dynamics that may be holding us back.

John Whittington characterizes constellations are “three-dimensional maps” and suggests that they are particularly useful “release inertia, enter or exit a system, prepare for leading a change or resolve dynamics that limit movement into the future”.

Constellations show a unique and instant way of finding out what the system needs to support collaboration.

Image: Courtesy of Harold Belongilot, Instagram: harodocore

Future Search

Future Search is a powerful methodology that has been proven in many contexts and cultures to have the capacity to bring diverse perspectives and goals into the room together to create the future.  It is a task-focused, action oriented methodology that focuses on creating the future rather than problems and conflicts.

“Leveling up” Teams

The most potent tool for developing teams is “team awareness”.  We use video analysis, interaction mapping, psychometric team mapping, and a variety of other tools from ethnography and social science to help teams see how they are.

Next is knowing where they want to be.  We guide them through their discover of their purpose, their commitments to each other, the roles and accountabilities they are agreeing to take on.  We help teams develop a “felt sense” of where they are, where they want to be and most importantly, how they want to be as an organic whole.

Guiding values

Our guiding values provide the foundation from which we intuitively and skilfully approach any client, transition and collaboration.


is essential for meaningful change; it is important to realize that trust is formulated differently across different cultures.


balances flexible responsiveness with stability and continuity.


is deeply tied to recognition: that people, organisations, and cultures are already finding real solutions and offering real contributions.


is a key ingredient of collaboration for change. When we are more open to other’s concerns, what they have to offer, and what is possible; we are better aligned for success.

Attending to the whole

Sustainable growth attend to the needs of the whole system or organisation — addressing the needs of individuals, organisations and cultures.


allows both the individual and the organization to move forward. It is the space that allows different perspectives, interests and capabilities to be harnessed to an agreed purpose.

Accelerate your development

Be a game-changing leader who engages and aligns your organisation through collaborative culture.

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