Executives need support as they grow to meet the changing requirements of assignments and market dynamics.

Our clients tell us that our support looks and feels like extra space and time dedicated to personal growth, while the “busyness” of work and life continues in the background.

They may need to develop different ways of dealing with stakeholders or direct reports; new approaches to visualizing strategies and goals; practices that support focus and balance as their work load increases in intensity and pace. Different types of coaching are used to address the specific needs of each person:

Developmental coaching

Developmental coaching supports the growth and maturation of executives so that they will be able to hold larger spaces, cope with greater scope of responsibility and extend their abilities to support both teams and larger communities of leaders.  Developmental coaching can help executives to fundamentally shift how they look at systems and deal with complex and ambiguous environments.

Transition coaching

Transition Coaching provides support through major changes in role, responsibility, geographic location and other professional transitions. CommonThread through partnership with FGI brings both research and experience to the support of executives and their teams.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching provides a means for reflection – allowing leaders to step back to examine their own patterns, observe team behaviors and notice gaps in the organizational system.  It provides leaders with a valuable sounding board.

Assess leadership competencies

We provide leaders with the means to assess themselves through psycho-metric tools such as the Hogan Leadership Assessment, MBTI (1&2), and various measures of emotional and social intelligence.  We also provide tools to assess potential through the science of predictive analytics with the support of Chally.

Claudia Hammer-Hewstone

Managing Partner

Claudia Hammer-Hewstone brings over 20 years’ experience working to develop international leaders and grow multinational teams and companies. Through her work with Fischer Group International, she has developed deep expertise in team alignment, expatriate support, and project team work. She firmly believes success comes from bringing different perspectives, interests and capabilities together to create shared aspirations, identity and practices.  At home, Claudia is a skilled and avid gardener, an excellent cook and the mother of two talented children.

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