Every team is unique. Many teams face similar challenges.

We have a track record working with leadership teams as they evolve their ways of work.  Operational and project teams value our focus on goals and priorities; our expertise supports teams to move from transition to on-going systems.

We tailor fit approaches in supporting leadership teams as they evolve their ways of working and operational and project teams to focus on their goals and objectives and finally transition their work to on-going systems. Different approaches that we use when working with teams include:

Leadership team coaching

Leadership teams benefit from coaching at various points along their evolution.  We provide structure and perspective that supports team growth, helps to clarify roles, deepens connections between members, and provides powerful awareness of team dynamics.  We bring tools from ethnography and social science to the table so that leaders can see themselves more clearly.

Project team support

Project leaders typically start from scratch, with team members who are specially selected for their expertise or to represent interest groups. Successful project leads know how to create  team spirit early on based around a common purpose. They invite high levels of participation and co-creation as well as accountability for contribution. The particular combination of challenges within a team lies in the need for continuous review of set up and process for integrating different expert contributions, whilst paying attention to the interfaces and transition points which carry the highest potential for failure or delay. Nevertheless success is not just about innovative solutions and timely delivery it is also about effective stakeholder management and positioning of the project’s contribution.

Our coaches are experienced in supporting project leaders at the start of their assignment when they are the team. As the team grows we facilitate workshops and meetings to make sure expectations are clarified, a process landscape takes care of the running of the team and the much needed collaboration can happen. A mixture of consulting, coaching and facilitation is needed to mirror the diverse challenges of the team.

Teams leading a start-up or fast-growing organisation 

The main challenge is to grow the organisation just in time for business growth.  In addition to recruiting and on-boarding the right people, structure, processes and competencies and culture need to grow and adapt to the new challenges from increasing volumes and diversity of business.  Consider these questions:

  • What are the aspirations in terms of business direction, mission and vision?
  • What kind of milestones do you foresee?
  • Are there any phases between milestones that are distinct due to their different demands on your organisation?
  • What are the complexity drivers that require change?
  • How do you steer the business and how do you make sure all activities align to priorities?
  • What kind of leadership culture do you need?
  • How do you ensure leadership capabilities grow in line with the growing organisation?
  • How do you know when it is time to change?
  • What are the likely “growing pains” that give urgency to your task of adapting capabilities to changing demands?
  • What is your stakeholder structure and how do you manage their different expectations and interests?

Mapping and analyzing teams

Sometimes a map of the territory can be illuminating.  We use proven technologies such as SYMLOG and organizational network analysis to create compelling pictures of team dynamics that give teams a new way of perceiving themselves. We also use Constellation work to create three-dimensional maps that generate deep insight and empathy in teams and their stakeholder systems.

Louie Angsico

Senior Consultant

Louie is a disciple and advocate self-awareness. He believes that utilizing self-awareness as a base and reminder enables people to create choice and direction in their life. His energy in the room encourages people to break barriers, challenge what is current and move them to a space of action. With passion, Louie creates learning environments that promote thought, emotion, learning and insight.

A family man, Louie supports his daughter in competitive ice-skating, his son as a musician, his youngest as a chef and his wife as an alternative healer.  He has been a national athlete in power lifting and sport aerobics.  He was a competitive collegiate swimmer. He is also a student of taekwondo, capoeira, Brazilian jujitsu, wresting and boxing.  He has also danced in the Filipiniana dance troupe.  He has also studied tai chi and qigong.

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