How can potential clients benefit from our partnerships?

What do we look for in future partnerships?

We look for partners who are experienced and experimental.  We look for thought leaders.  We are drawn to those who attend to the whole system.  We look for people who have both passion and deep expertise; and who can hold their world-views lightly.

Fischer Group International
Fischer Group International

Fischer Group International is a leading international management consultancy located in Hamburg. It support medium-sized enterprises as well as global companies, including 20 of the 30 DAX companies.

FGI’s expertise focuses on three main areas of practice: Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Change Management. They have more than three decades of experience and have developed the ability to make the invisible, the soft, and the irrational both visible and understandable.

DigitalSolutions, is the latest FGI initiative that is aimed at making it possible to access and use FGI know-how digitally.

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Future Considerations
Future Considerations

Future Considerations is a global consultancy that co-creates with forward thinking clients to build their capacity for the future. The work of Future Considerations develops leaders, strengthens relationships and helps organisations, institutions and communities find direction and purpose in complex environments.. Future Considerations is particularly known for its leading edge work in self-organizing systems, business partnership and developing leaders for complex decision-making.

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Brainpool, Common Thread

Brainpool is a collective of experts in design that help envision, create, brand and market next generation products and services.  They work with clients to envision the future and to bring science into the design process.

As technologies, social shifts and human behaviors are accelerating change, so is our workstyle. Our collective model is progressive – we help you understand and attain your best future opportunities. 

Their collective model differs from traditional agencies. They assemble team members most appropriate for your needs, people who can help guide you. This allows them to be ultra-efficient and cost competitive, with budgets significantly lower than many agencies.

​Brainpool is knowledge based. By drawing a project team from their network of designers, thinkers and creators with a depth of knowledge and experience, they meet the demands of your organizations and your target market. 



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We continually expand our network.

Our dynamic team combines decades of experience consulting with leaders, companies and networks across the US, Europe and Asia/Pacific, and aims to model the collaboration international leaders need for global success.