These days most of us move position, discipline or country regularly – so the question that we frequently ask ourselves is

“What would I like to achieve with the time I have here?”

At Common Thread, we support our international clients through:

Executive Development

Executives need support as they grow to meet the changing requirements of assignments and market dynamics.

They may need to develop different ways of dealing with stakeholders or direct reports; new approaches to visualizing strategies and goals; practices that support focus and balance as their work load increases in intensity and pace.

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Team Development

Teams with different purposes need different kinds of support and development.

We have experience supporting leadership teams as they evolve their ways of working

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Organization Development

Our experience with organizational development spans start-ups to mature systems.

We bring elements of science to the analysis of organizations through predictive analytics, network analysis and other tools that develop insight and support decision making in your organization.

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Accelerate your development

Be a game-changing leader who engages and aligns your organisation through collaborative culture.

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