Global Equipment Manufacturer


We had the opportunity to support a global capital equipment manufacturer; working with the leader in charge of global services. We entered into the relationship at the start of two transitions.   The service organization was moving from a cost center to being an active contributor to the bottom line; that’s a very different purpose that required a shift in identity from “providing the customer what was requested” to “selling and servicing a suite of services”.  The second change was the restructuring the European and American organizations to create regional teams instead of the previous country teams.

We provided leadership transition support to the new regional leaders and then helped with setting up the regional teams and structure.  This involved the back office, sales, sales support, field engineer; all quite distinct in their activities and purpose and based in different countries.  The objective was to help them switch identity and become an integrated regional team that worked seamlessly.

We worked with the regional leaders as well as their team leaders to kick start the new organization, to develop the team leaders and to bring a new vision, purpose, processes, mindsets and competencies for collaboration.  We did this through quarterly regional meetings and individual coaching support.

The result:

Different functional teams connected with each other, team spirit developed and agreements were crafted for how to work together better.

Feedback from the other business units was that they could see a real partnership emerging.  The business partners saw the potential for contribution to the bottom line.  Technical services moved from being an add-on to manufacturing to being a strategic partner for sales, manufacturing (feedback on quality) and research and development (customer feedback and ideas for product improvement).  Field service became a voice in the system where previously they were not heard.

Services rendered:
  • Organizational agility
  • Developing a new identity
  • New ways of working
  • Developmental coaching

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